Seamless: What the Heck Do I Order?

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Hellllooooooo fam,


There are two types of people in this world:


- the kind that wakeup thinking about what they are having for dinner

- and the kind that don't 


I happen to always be thinking about zee food, and that's why I thought there's no better time then in Quarantine to break out my "Health Eating on Seamless Guide."


Here's are the 2 commandments for this guide:

1. I understand Nicole is not a nutritionist

2. I will use the guide if I want to eat healthy (defined as "what makes MY body feel good), and when I want a burger I'm gonna have a burger. Ain't nothing to it.


If you know me you know I am NOT into diet culture. What I am into is feeling good. I've been a fitness instructor going on 3 years, but was always an athlete. I ate my protein and veggies and looked at food is a source of fuel (carbs/protein/fat - need them all to make the engine go VROOM). Additionally, I've been Paleo for 12 years...holy cow. That's a long time. Don't worry, I am not here to preach to the choir and knock on doors to start converting y'all to Paleo; What I do know, is that when I feel bloated, yucky, weighed down, fatigued. It ain't good. It usually makes me distracted at work, uncomfortable socially, and obvi my tummy hurts!

So I've learned to eat what feels good, and this is what's been getting me through on SEAMLESS! 



1. Blank Slate The Brunch Contender

With locations in Midtown and Nomad, Blank Slate is arguably the perfect cafe. They have something for every palate. On the surface, you could quickly write it off as another "avocado toast" cafe - that would be your loss.

Why we love it?

  • Getting a food AND a good coffee/matcha order in one is a rarity in the times of Quarantine.
  • The menu is customizable. You could order everything as a side (side eggs, side smoked salmon please) and make it truly simple. Simple is good. 
  • Quinoa is a great source of good carbohydrates without grain (Farro has grain, Quinoa does not). As someone who is paleo and eats lots of sweet potatoes - it's nice to have another power source. 

Our go to orders for a happy belly:


 2. Good Health Cafe 

 This place was not even on the map for me pre- COVID 19. I still have no idea where they are or what they are about (goes to google...), but I can say I am OBSESSED. My picky a$$ is in love. If I could read menus as books. This is my fav book.

Why we love it?

  • Best place for Salmon. Hands down. 
  • Just when you think. "NY already has too many bowl options, we don't need another..." You will learn you've spoken too soon.
  • The abundance of protein + healthy sides combinations on the menu
  • How hard is it to order from a place and get what you would make at home only it tastes better AND it's just as healthy? You're asking for a unicorn. Good Health is that Unicorn 
  • They have something for everyone:
    • Yes, Nicole, the person who needs a million customizations to ensure no Canola oil is used, there's a GIANT piece of protein, and the veggies are just right BUT ALSO
    • my boyfriend who wants quesadillas, Chipotle bowls,  burgers and wings. Somehow - these are done with a healthy twist and still delicious 
  • They thus far have been on/before est delivery time

Our go to orders for a happy belly:


White quinoa, steamed kale, edamame, grilled portobello mushroom, pickles, and side salad.

Please note, ALL, the salmon meals are good: Salmon cake platter (drool), Salmon over Zoodles, Herb Salmon with steamed spinach and mashed sweet potato 




Choice of protein, organic red quinoa, grilled corn, black beans, and pico de gallo over deep green baby spinach. Topped with guacamole and non-dairy sour cream.

The bowls don't end there. Check out the Chipotle Chicken and Buddha bowl. Honestly, this would be my choice if I had to choose 1 place to fuel me the rest of this lockdown.


 3. NatureWorks (note they've temporarily paused delivery except for catering orders but should be back up and running soon)

Nature Works is like your first love - it's pure, simple, healthy, good for you, and a little too much. Luckily when it comes to food in NYC - a little too much is refreshing. Goodbye paying $18 for chicken, sweet potato and a side and getting yourself handed a portion size made for the kids menu. It's simple and reliable - these guys don't mess around with healthy. Imagine training for a body building competition, but actually liking the food. Yupp. 

Why we love it?

  • Under normal hours of operations this is actually the secret place that fuels a lot of your fitness instructors including the Solace, 305, and ToneHouse that are all in that New York Neighborhood. Hey, it's good enough to fuel them, it's good enough for us. 
  • They give cute mini-protein muffins with each order. Free stuff makes my day
  • They have omelettes!  Brekkie is just as yummy healthy and big portioned as lunch
  • In case you missed it the portions are GIANT. Just like the menu of options
  • Order from the menu or a la carte 


Our go to orders for a happy belly:

You can't go wrong with anything.

Caveat: It's unseasoned and simple. If you're the flavorful type, not for you. 


 4. Just Salad and Sweet Green

I think it goes without saying most of us know that the salad industry is POPPIN IN NYC. We are actually spoiled with "make your own" salad options. I will stand by these two being the best and here's why.

Why we love JustSalad

  • The created Health Tribes - they were super smart in doing this! Whether you are Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo - WHATEVER - they have made it so you can filter their menu as such (exclusive to GrubHub but you can filter their menu on their site OR by downloading the JustSalad app)
  • They ALSO created warm bowls and are the ONLY salad place I personally feel has done it well enough to rival their salads. I literally crave the broccoli cauliflower rice and it's more of a meal than the salad. Can't same the same for the other salad places that tried to catch on to the warm bowl trend and only put their cards halfway in
  • Finally, I could not know what chicken was without their Chicken shawarma option. It feels...decadent and a little naughty - when in fact I looked up the nutrition facts and it's dang good for you.  


Why we love SweetGreen 

  • Healthy ingredients 
  • It's weird in some ways the portions are small because the scoops for ingredients are small. Yet they let you pick so many ingredients that the salad becomes big!
  • It's the only meal I can actually split into 2 and save half


 5. Poulette 

Poluette makes me feel like it's summer in NYC. I'm on my way to the Philharmonic's Symphony in the park with a basket, and the basket is filled with the most perfect rotisserie chicken ever and luscious sides. 

I'd show you more but that's it. You can order 1/4, 1/2, or the whole chicken. The chicken is the centerpiece, sure. But the sides are STRONG back up dancers. We LOVE the ratatouille and cauliflower.

The BEST part is you can order a whole chicken and 4 sides for quite a steal. It's a good amount of food and will make date night perfect - just add wine. 

Runner Ups:

  • Westville - I just don't live downtown. If I did I would single handedly keep this place open. You MUST try it

  • Springbone Kitchen - We LOVE Spring Bone. Their entire staff is great, and if you're trying to stay healthy and warm - ain't nothing like some bone broth. They also have a great menu!

  • Bareburger - gluten free buns, custom menu, & dope sweet potato fries
  • Muscle Maker Grill - another very simple body building type place - if you're short on chicken or cauliflower rice order it from here. 


Did we leave any ~healthy hut friendly~ places out that you love? Shoot us an email at [email protected] so we can keep growing the list. 


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