Welcome to my world, where kettlebells aren't just fitness tools, but pathways to empowerment. I'm Nicole Bedoya, the heartbeat behind Bedoya Bells. My journey into fitness isn't a tale of records and medals; it's a narrative of discovering peace, inner strength, and a supportive community that uplifts every member.


My early fitness routine was dominated by running. It was my way of coping with stress and my own struggles with an eating disorder and ADHD. Running was my go-to for everything—it was my stress reliever, my way of trying to maintain control, and my method of overtraining without realizing the toll it was taking on my body and mind.



But here's where my story takes a turn. It was during a summer internship in NYC that I stumbled upon a kettlebell studio, a place that seemed worlds away from the endless miles and solitary runs I was used to. This discovery was my first step into the world of strength training—a world I had always found intimidating and, frankly, a bit "bro-ey." Yet, what I found in that studio was anything but. The environment was welcoming, the coaches were supportive, and for the first time, I was encouraged to explore my strength in a way running never allowed.

This experience was a revelation. I learned that being fit wasn't just about how far or how fast I could run; it was about feeling strong, balanced, and genuinely good in my own skin. The coaches at the studio saw potential in me that I hadn't seen in myself, pushing me to lift heavier and challenge my own limits. It was here that I discovered the true meaning of fitness—it's not a punishment, but a celebration of what your body can do.


Embracing kettlebells transformed not only my body but my approach to fitness. I went from overtraining and exhaustion to a balanced routine that included strength training, recovery, and yes, still some running, but now as part of a well-rounded regimen. This shift wasn't just physical; it was profoundly mental and emotional, leading me to a place of peace and self-acceptance I had never known before.


Since then, my mission has been clear: to create a space where fitness is about feeling good as you age, about challenging yourself just enough, and about acknowledging the incredible journey you've been on. At Bedoya Bells, every workout is crafted with care, from warmups that prepare you to give your best, to workouts that build muscle and challenge your limits, to cooldowns that remind you—you're worth every minute of recovery.

But my story isn't just about transformation through kettlebells. It's about understanding that we all have moments of doubt and fear. I've been there—feeling stuck, questioning my strength, and wondering if I could ever find my way out of a workout rut. Yet, through it all, I've learned that community, accountability, and a plan can make all the difference.

So, here I am, years later, still in awe of the journey that fitness has taken me on. From pushups in my mom's living room to teaching in-person classes in NYC to creating an online community that thrives on mutual support and accountability. Bedoya Bells is more than just a program; it's a testament to the power of believing in yourself and the magic that happens when we come together.



As we move forward, I invite you to join me in this journey of discovery, growth, and strength. Whether you're here to find your upswing, to break free from the cycle of fitness as punishment, or simply to share in the joy of a community that cares, know that you are enough. You are capable. And you are so very welcome here.

With love and kettlebells,